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Sam Snead, the Swing Model

Sam Snead Greatest Swing Model Ask the greatest golfers who ever lived about who is the greatest, and they’ll all include Sam Snead in the conversation, without exception. When the talk comes down to the golf swing, and the individual you’d want to use as the perfect model for a young player, Snead “is” the …

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Tiger’s Back

Tiger’s Back – Will He Ever Be “Crazy Good” Again? Watch Tiger at the 18 Man Hero Challenge All right, whatever Tiger Woods has done to repair whatever is wrong in the physical, mentalize away whatever is bugging him in the mind, and retooling the swing that won a blizzard of tournaments in his early …

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Shanking – the Worst Experience in All of Golf

Shanking Like Catching the Flu It’s worse than missing a short putt – in front of people on the weekend, you can rationalize that – everybody misses a short putt now and then, even on TV. It’s worse than chunking out of the rough – man, that brush was thick…Tarzan couldn’t have gotten out of …

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