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Checking in with Alexa Pano

Young Champion Pano Making Good on Early Promise A women’s golf publication recently hailed child golf star Alexa Pano as a “new sensation.” I suppose that as she nears the time in which she will increasingly play against older competition, that is true. However, as a sensation, she is not new. It was my pleasure …

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Golf as Therapy – Better Hourly Rate

Golfers of Every Age Able to Process Better with Golf Course Therapy I chanced upon an item this morning concerning Greg Norman and a special man he met named Steve Milnikoff. The meeting was profound enough that Mr. Milnikoff got a golf lesson and some good light-hearted conversation out of the Australian star. It seems …

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On-Course Interviews? Absurd!

PGA Testing On-Course Interviews  – Many Possible Problems The Tournament of Champions is coming up before too long in Kapalua, Hawaii. The state of Hawaii is fairly laid back, but a professional golfer with huge amounts of money riding on the next shot is generally not. Nevertheless, the next round of experiments with player/gallery relations …

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Questions – Hitting All the Shots

All Those Lessons, and I Still Have Questions I Forgot to Ask Here in the Pacific Northwest, it is Christmas Eve Day, and all the Christmas Eves of the past along with all their questions come rushing back when I sit and think about it. Golf was always present at Christmas Eve. What’s that behind …

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Gadget Technology for Christmas

Golf Technology Can be Fun and Helpful, but Something’s Lost I could spend the next two hours telling you all the joys of technology, and all the things I appreciate living with in this century, beginning with not having to ride a horse all the time. Closer to golf, I’m more than good with carts, …

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H.W. Bush – Golf and Fathers

Bush #41 Unintentional Ambassador of Golf   I have a certain affinity for the number 41. It was a good age, when I was strong enough to do what I wanted, and smart enough to do predominantly constructive things. For me, on average during my better playing days, 41 was a pretty good score per …

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Talent and Story, Up and Down


Careers on Tour Ebb and Flow, But Talent Remains One of the true beauties of following the golf tours is that everyone is talented, and everyone is in a different place.  It resembles the stock market. On any given day, a bunch of them are up, and a bunch of them are down, and tomorrow …

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Tattersall -11 Reasons Our Game Doesn’t Improve

Teaching pro Jon Tattersall

Teaching pro Jon Tattersall Gives Us the Ugly Truth About Our Golf Game How many of us have ever been sat down and told the bald-faced truth about ourselves? Horrible, isn’t it? If we’re lucky, it might lead to some revelations that take us to a better place where we see our reality more clearly. …

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Canada, Brooke Henderson Rule the North

Brooke Henderson

O Canada! Henderson Takes the Home Trophy Home Where It Belongs The LPGA CP Women’s Open, the national championship of Canada for all intents and purposes has not been won by a Canadian woman since Jocelyne Bourassa did it in 1973. That’s a generation or so before Brooke Henderson was born.  With the game’s international …

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Plecker on Driving – For Anyone

Joe Plecker Breaks Down the Drive, Can Find Greater Efficiency for Every Age and Type I’ve seen an awful lot of golf instruction from an awful lot of people through the years. They told me how to get around being young, middle-aged and old, short and tall, etc. It’s very difficult to fit something like …

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