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Golf Facts I Hadn’t Heard Yet

Within the Odd History of Golf, Some Facts Escaped Me All of us who are bonded to the game of golf occasionally run across one of those sites like “Fifty Facts You Didn’t Know About Golf.” They’re fun once in a while, but if you go there often , much of the same information will …

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Althea Gibson, Golfer?

Althea Gibson

Althea Gibson, Championship Tennis Player Makes History in Two Sports All right, suppose you didn’t read the title, and I just asked you, “Who was the first professional African-American woman tennis champion? What would be your answer? It might be more difficult for a younger generation because it’s farther away from the era, but even …

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Golf, Colf, and Jeu de Mail?

Golf, Colf, and Jeu de Mail Oddball Ancestors of Modern Golf In various explorations of golf’s illustrious history in Scotland, the accepted birthplace of the modern form of the game, and Asia, the center of something eerily similar, we know pretty much what it looked like. We know who played it and where, what equipment …

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LPGA Coming Up on 65 Years


  LPGA’s Fast Approaching 65th Birthday After four days in the Bahamas, and an icy, perilous drive north, we have stopped in Baltimore, Maryland for a little while, and are enjoying the hospitality of an all-Greek household while we wait for the weather to break. In fact, we may do everything in our power to …

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History and the Queen of Golf

Mary, Queen of Scots Female Pioneer of Women’s Golf It is human nature to think that everything that relates to us started a generation or two back at most. At least, when we look back, that’s about how far we see. Anything past that requires investigation. The LPGA was established around the middle of the …

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