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Ian Poulter and the Card

ian poulter

Can Ian Poulter Keep His PGA Card When High Profile Players Lose Their PGA Card The things those of us behind the ropes don’t know about what it took to get on that tee for any PGA-sanctioned tournament. Similarly, most of us know next to nothing about what it takes to stay there once that …

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Kevin Na is Back Again

Kevin Na Leading at Colonial in Fort Worth Kevin Na proved today that he isn’t just putting in a brief appearance before retiring into obscurity. He’s made some moves on recent tournaments, and as of today, he’s leading the Crowne Plaza Invitational in Fort Worth on the legendary course at Colonial. He’s doing it in …

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Harrington Wins the Honda

Padraig Harrington Leads Three Stories at Unpredictable Tournament For anyone who left the TV  assuming that the Honda Classic was going to go one way, as it first appeared it would, you blew it – big mistake. There was the flamboyant Ian Poulter, moving along like a well-oiled machine, unruffled except for celebrations over an …

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About Ted Bishop

Ted Bishop

What About Ted Bishop…and Ourselves? As I reacted internally to the Ted Bishop remark on Ian Poulter, I began to think of the places where one is allowed to speak in such a way, and where one is not. My mind went to the playground, where such speech is fairly normal, with the hope that …

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