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Why the Anxiety Over Wie and Woods?

So Much Public Angst for Two Great Golf Careers As a golfing culture, the U.S., Canada, Europe and numerous other spots around the globe are following their favorite players as if it’s a matter of life and death. When one adores competition, it can be fun to do that, but sometimes I think that we …

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Big Chance for Wie


Wie Leads By Two Into Final Round of HSBC The LPGA is still playing many time zones away, in Singapore. Here I sit on a Saturday afternoon, and a few of the leaders of the HSBC Women’s Championship have already started the final round. From the golfers’ perspective, especially for Michelle Wie, things might look …

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Is Day’s Back Ready for ’17?

day's back

Despite Yeears of Back Injuries, Day Enters the Year #1 I’m not sure how he does it, but Jason Day appears to be one of the best ailing champions on the PGA Tour, and has been for a while. Somehow, he keeps winning a fair percentage of tournaments in spite of various rips, tears,  a …

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Wie Sneaking Up at ANA

Wie Looks Healthy for First Time in a While It’s been a long road for Michelle Wie to get herself ready for international competition again. Or, perhaps, it’s been a series of difficult short roads An injury here, an injury there, and the clock rolls by while she recuperates. Only a few months ago in …

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Injuries – Castrale Bows Out

When Castrale’s Injuries Just Won’t Leave Last weekend, I followed the story of a young collegiate football player who decided before the age of 20 to quit the game forever, but keeping his pursuit of a degree going by taking “medical retirement.” How sad for a person that young. Sitting out one game after another, …

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Golf – Easygoing game? Ha!

Stacy Lewis

Golf Not such a Relaxing Game The next time someone invites you out for a nice, relaxed game of golf, don’t be fooled. It may be relaxing for your mind, depending on how competitive you are at the core, but for the body, it might be a different story. If you’re a weekender, you might …

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