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Golf IQ and College

Golf IQ – How Much Intelligence Does It Take to Play Golf Well I wonder about things like – how much intelligence does it take to play golf well, or is it much more of an experiential thing, a feeling thing? And, isn’t that a sort of intelligence? Then I wonder about the whole collegiate …

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Become a Golf Einstein

Einstein Influenced Golf The Rational and Intuitive Game of Golf A renowned physicist who had worked with Einstein is said to have finally introduced him to the game of golf, a pursuit which he immediately quit, claiming that is was “too complicated.” However, the famous physicist who gave us the Theory of General Relativity has …

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What is Golf IQ?

What is Spieth’s IQ? Is Spieth a Genius? Nick Faldo’s take on Jordan Spieth’s future is an interesting one. He doesn’t claim unequivocally that the young star will win the third or fourth event in the Grand Slam of Golf, but he thinks Spieth is in the very best of hands – his own. He …

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