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Ireland – Wonderful and Brutal

Who Has Courses Like This? Welcome to the Wild Side I direct everyone’s attention to an article in Golfweek by Jason Lusk. It is an account of a visit to several northern Irish golf courses, some off the beaten track, some of enormous prestige. I have been to Ireland on a number of occasions, and …

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Christy O’Connor and Ireland

Christy O'Connor

Christy O’Connor, Irish Great, Dies at 91 I must confess up front that Ireland is one of my favorite locations and cultures in the world. Since my first visit there in 1983, and through several subsequent ones, I have developed the assumption that if it’s Irish, it’s better, an accolade I give only to a …

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Leona Maguire Turning Pro? Then Lisa?

Leona Maguire Turning Pro

Maguire Sisters Make Mark Overseas and at College – Now the Pros? Why should Rory McIlroy have all the fun? The girls play golf in Ireland, too, and they’re good. One famous pair has found their way to Duke University. Twins Leona and Lisa Maguire continue to excel here on a national level, just as …

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Losing Christy O’Connor

If you are a person who wants to drink deep from life, to experience everything to its fullest, including the good and bad that might come your way, it was a week to regret not being Irish. Christy O’Connor Sr., one of the greatest golfers and sportsmen ever to hail from a country already sporting …

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Handicap in Court?

Handicap-“Handicap Building”, “Sand-bagging” Apparently, Thomas Talbot of Ireland understands the true depth of a cheating accusation. When he received his handicap of 13, a brief phrase accompanied it – “General Play.” I am not familiar with this phrase, but it seems as though it indicates that the player in question has falsified his handicap in …

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Walker Cup Under Way

The Walker Cup – Britain and Ireland Versus the U.S Just as we think we know all the names of the best golfers around, we forget to search the amateur ranks. Some of these names will be the great ones of tomorrow. Some of them are in college, others not far out. Many of them, …

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