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Golf and Music – Loud!


Loud Music on the Golf Links Here to Stay? Meditation is Giving Way to Background Music on the Tee Leave it to good-ole John Daly to occupy the vanguard of new age golf, a sport where calm and silent conentration was the theme, to accompanying rock concerts and, who knows, troupes of dancers joining each …

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Sakura Yokomine – Big Hitter?

Sakura Yokomine LPGA Rookie Comparisons to John Daly Good? It’s fun to see new faces on the LPGA Tour, but when I learn about one who has been there a while, I feel as if I haven’t done my homework – it wouldn’t be the first time. When I saw Sakura Yokomine, however, it was …

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Long Distance – Where do I Stand?

Long Distance

  Hit It Long – How Far?   Does anyone remember George Bayer and his 300 yard drives when woods were only made of wood? Has anyone ever seen John Daly send a golf ball into space? Outer space? Pretty exciting to be sure. Ah, if only we could all hit a golf ball like …

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John Daly’s Back…Again

  John Daly Resurfaces     I read this morning that John Daly, one of the most interesting, non-cookie-cutter golfers in the history of the game, shot a 68 at the BMW in Shanghai yesterday…or was it today?  Ah, time zones. For me, it’s a touch of Christmas when Daly resurfaces, not because it gives …

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