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The DeChambeau “Thing” Starting to Rankle

Fellow Pros Exasperated at DeChambeau Repeat Performance in Vegas A lot of people dared to hope that the DeChambeau phenomenon would not become a “thing”…but it did. There was no getting around it. It was inevitably going to become a “thing,” and a big one. What is now called “smash and bash golf” is becoming …

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Hosung Choi – What a Swinger


Korean Hosung Choi a New Craze in the West With Unusual Swing One of these days, I’m going to take a few hours to total up the refund I want from all the golf lessons I took back in yesteryear. I was assured that unless my swing was sculpted into this or that, I would …

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Which is the Great Generation?

Great Generation?

Generational Competition is Nonsense, But I’ll Weigh in on the Great Ones I have always been offended, if sometimes only slightly, by generational comparisons of men’s golf.  Women are more inclined to revere their former greats. At other times, I am more than a little offended. It is as though a casual observer of one …

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Masters Nostalgia Still Going

The Masters

The Masters Most Magical of the Majors I wonder how much nostalgia I could tolerate in one day, because today has pushed it to the limit. We are almost ready to start the third round of the 2017 tournament at Augusta, and as always, things are interesting. Fowler is minus 4, which is not surprising. …

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Masters Eras Roll By

I read in the news this week that golfer Esteban Toledo, who has won on the tour, is going to this year’s Masters. He’s not going as a player, but as a caddie for another pro. My first thought was, “Where did it all go? It all ran by so fast that I barely saw …

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Masters 2014 – Where are the New Guys?

Masters 2014

Will the Masters 2014 See a New Guy Win? This has been going on for a while now – this tournament, this course, this cast of characters. There’s nothing else quite like it on the tour. The visual prize, besides the winner’s check, is an article of clothing you couldn’t wear to anything else, and …

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