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Jutanugarn Changes the Map

Jutanugarn Opens Up the World For Top Golfers Top Golf Coming from Around the Globe How things have changed from the old days. Back in the era of my childhood, the LPGA was predominantly an American affair, and the foreign golfer provided international color. Over on the men’s side, it was Arnie, Sam and Jack, …

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Here Comes Thailand

What are they putting in the water these days in Thailand? Where golf is concerned, it’s a fair question. Ariya Jutanugarn has won her second consecutive LPGA tournament this week in the Kingsmill. Two weeks ago, she won the Yokohama Tire Classic. She’s come close to winning several others in recent times, and only lost …

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Jutanurgan Makes History

First Thai to Win on LPGA The Yokohama Tire Classic of the LPGA Tour is behind us, and it was more than many of us ever expected. It appeared coming into the final two rounds that there would be a breakthrough performance by the eventual winner, but as it turned out, the victor did more …

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