Tag: Ladies European Tour

Dewi Claire Schreefel

Dutch Golfer in Contention at JTBC I’m always on the lookout for countries that are just getting into the game of golf, countries that are building new courses, opening new academies, and hosting tournaments from the major tours. It has been fun to watch as China, Taiwan, and Thailand become powerful entities in recent years, …

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Charley Hull

Charley Hull – Watch Out, She’s Growing Up Fast Have you ever heard British golfer, Charley Hull, in an interview? She speaks very quickly, in part because she has a very quick brain. I read today that she is in hot pursuit of a driver’s license, but got scolded for going too fast – something …

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Dorothy Campbell’s Legacy

When it Really Was the Scottish Game – Dorothy Campbell’s Legacy Once in a while, you’ve got to take a history lesson, not only to put your present views into a long-term perspective, but to learn stories about people who should never, ever be forgotten. When we view a national or era-bound group from its …

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