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Golf’s Odd Rules

The Rules Of Golf Baffle Many of Us Again, we witnessed an odd ending to a major event this week, when Anna Nordqvist, in the midst of a sudden death playoff, was coolly informed that she had lost the tournament a hole before. What was intended to be a gripping finale of an LPGA major …

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Stacy Lewis and Second

Stacy Lewis Sick and Tired of It All of the big stuff has gone away for the men over on the PGA, until next year. The women are pressing on, however, this week in Alabama. What about Alabama should make us think about golf? Isn’t it hot, humid, and aren’t the great southern courses in …

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Sime Darby LPGA Malaysian

Sime Darby LPGA Malaysian – with Malaysian Golfers! The last time I gave much thought to Malaysia, I was making a mental note never to go there. That was many decades ago, when you could walk in with a prescription drug, lose the bottle, and end up in front of a firing squad, or some …

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