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Lexi Thompson? Again?

Lexi Thompson Suffers Another Penalty Flap If I were of a more superstitious nature and from a more superstitious time, I would recommend sending Lexi Thompson to the local Shaman, Voodoo Priestess, or whatever sort of spiritual healer she feels the closest to. If this were the old, very old days, I might suspect that …

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Distance, Stature, and Winning

How Does it Work When Diminutive Golfers Win Without Distance? It has haunted my own game since I took it up as a child, and to detach the idea of driving distance from an external image of my persona as a golfer was extremely difficult. In fact, I’m not really sure that I ever got …

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Looking for an LPGA Superstar?

Looking for an LPGA Superstar

Does Women’s Golf Have a True Superstar, or are We Still Waiting? I just finished reading an article by Randell Mell, in which he discusses the availability of superstars among the field of the LPGA. When he claims that the tour is very much deeper than it once was, he is absolutely correct. In no …

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Lexi and Her Miserable, Horrible Great Year

Two-foot Putts are Everywhere in Life. It was a Real One for Lexi Thompson Every one of us, at some time in our lives, has been faced with a two-footer, even those who have never set foot on a golf course (poor things). Sometimes the stakes aren’t nearly as titanic as we think they are, …

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And Now, the “Lexi Rule”


Changes Have Been Made, but the Fossils are Far from Up to Date on the Lexi Rule  For a fan continuing to look at the Lexi Thompson situation, the whole incident hurts more this week than it did last week. Thompson herself has maintained poise and civility through the week, and it appears as though …

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Jennifer Kirby Off to Quick Start – Again

Jennifer Kirby

Canadian Keeping Pace with Lexi and Meena Jennifer Kirby has completed the first round of the Wegmans LPGA Classic, and although she is not leading the field, she’s sharing that honor with just a few others. Her colleague, Lexi Thompson, a slightly more veteran prodigy, skipped the idea of playing from behind, and got right …

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