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Golf Waning? Not With Girls, It Isn’t

Sandy LaBauve

Sandy LaBauve’s Vision for Girls in Golf is Booming It may not be news to anyone but me, but reading Mark Lampert’s article on Sandy LaBauve and the ongoing LPGA-USGA Golf Program for Girls stuck a dagger in the heart of the “Golf is Dying” movement. I’m sorry if courses have become too congested as …

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LPGA’s Pressel Setting Example


Morgan Pressel Throws Another Blow at Breast Cancer Morgan Pressel has been playing on the LPGA Tour for a while now. Many of us remember her as the youngest tournament champion in the tour’s history. I once called her a bully in the best sense of the word, meaning that she had the energy to …

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Lincicome, Her Way

Lincicome and Practice Obsessive Practice Not Necessarily Best Those of us who follow the details of great golfers, on and off the course, are aware of the hours of repetition put in by the legends – i.e. Gary Player staying in the bunker until he puts X number of balls within X number of inches …

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Hyo Joo Kim at Evian

Hyo Joo Kim

Hyo Joo Kim at Evian – Still Here? Last Round of Evian – Is 61 enough? When I mentioned the possibility of Hyo Joo Kim’s 61 on the first round of the Evian being a good strategy – steal the tournament on the first day, and make everyone else play for second – I was …

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