PGA Kicks Off During Social Crisis

Varner Says PGA Players Will Have “Conversations” As everyone is aware, the United States is going through a  serious “thing.” It has gone through it before, and may again. It’s a tough thing to go through when everyone has been cooped up for a month by a global virus, but there you have it. Amidst …

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LPGA Through PGA Eyes

Dishing of LPGA by Male Fans Reveals Problem of Living Vicariously I have spent more than enough time with my male colleagues as they put down the idea of women playing real golf, and taking shots at the LPGA, the big leagues of the women’s game. “They have no distance. It’s too tame. It’s a …

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Tour Schedule Goes Haywire

Loss of Annual Schedule We Are Familiar With Causing Anxiety In the world of physics, someone will occasionally venture the question, “What is time?” The pedestrian short form of the answer, designed for those who wouldn’t understand the long version anyway is often “Time is what keeps everything from happening at once.” And for our …

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Susie Maxwell Berning – Hall of Famer

Berning, Four-Time Major Winner Inducted Considering that an induction into the World Hall of Fame is a big deal after all that effort, I’m always surprised that in golf, the process is so quiet. I’ve listened to induction speeches at football’s shrine in Canton, Ohio, and baseball is always a “What about Pete Rose?” festival. …

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Cris Stevens – the LPGA Has a Chaplain!

Since Late 1970s, Cris Stevens Has Served Women’s Tours as Lay Chaplain Such a thing had never occurred to me until I read the Golfweek article on the LPGA Tour’s chaplain.  All right, I can think of a lot of venues that have one. The American Congress, field hospitals in wartime, service clubs in most …

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Mickey Wright, Golf’s Platonic Ideal Dies

Mickey Wright

Mickey Wright, Likely the Best of the Best We knew that it was going to come some day, but I put it out of my head. Last week, we lost Mickey Wright at the age of 85. Wright was an extremely important figure for me in the 50s and 60s, the two decades in which …

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Haley Moore Arrives in Style

Haley Moore

Haley Moore Beats Odds Everywhere She Goes From being a child golf prodigy to member of the LPGA Tour is a long road, and a lot of things can go wrong. It’s even harder when you’re bigger and taller than your peers, and you have to deal with their immaturity on a daily basis. Worst …

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PGA Responds – Broadcasts, Charities

PGA Responds

PGA Streaming Rights Relocating, Charity Profile Heightened Perhaps this is all a coincidence, but with the recent talk of a rival tour featuring only the top players, the PGA has offered a public reminder of its presence, and what it does best. I’m not all that happy about the first one, despite being in the …

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LPGA Founders and the 70th Anniversary

LPGA Founders

What Would the Founders of the LPGA Think Today? The beginning of the 2020 season for women’s golf wasn’t just spectacular because of what Gaby Lopez did in the Diamond Resorts Championship. It’s not even what she might do this week. Someone is going to be the inaugural winner of a new tournament, the Gainbridge …

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Gaby Lopez Win What LPGA Needs

Gaby Lopez

Heroic Gaby Lopez Victory Increases Our Investment in the Tour For LPGA watchers, we had a nail-biter in Florida this week. Actually, it was mostly last week, but an astonishing playoff took it into this week, the second longest in LPGA history. It took Gaby Lopez seven extra holes with a night’s sleep in between …

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