The Masters for Women – How About It?

Augusta Making History, Bit by Bit, Announces Next Installment Georgia Hall must be around twenty-two or twenty-three years old about now. She’s just getting started in the pros after a terrific amateur career. In terms of her first success in the pros, it’s a little like biting the apple in the garden. Her win came …

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Checking in with Alexa Pano

Young Champion Pano Making Good on Early Promise A women’s golf publication recently hailed child golf star Alexa Pano as a “new sensation.” I suppose that as she nears the time in which she will increasingly play against older competition, that is true. However, as a sensation, she is not new. It was my pleasure …

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Success – Jutanugarn and Her Body of Work

Rating the Greatest on the LPGA Tour? Look at Jutanugarn Long-Term Gone are the good old days when we could sit down on a Thursday and follow our chosen star through the weekend with confidence. If we chose that star based on his or her dominance of the actual game, and not some based on some …

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Rankin, Thompson, Jutanugarn – CME and History

Lexi Thompson Wins CME, Jutanugarn 1 million, Rankin Presides The CME, and the “Race” to it, all ended yesterday, and it signaled the end of the LPGA year. While that is, in a sense, sad, as I miss a full slate of golf over the winter, the tour is now strong enough to tide me …

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Suzy Whaley – Game for a Lifetime As PGA Head

Player, Teacher, Administrator Whaley Has Done It All – Now Heads PGA of America When PGA of America recently held their meeting to settle on a new president, they had a choice about criteria. It’s the same choice giant corporations have – do we want someone who is an incredible business person, leader, organizational genius, …

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Tiffany Faucette, Good Lessons for Everyone

Leading Teacher Faucette Has Gift for De-complicating Swing Components It’s a regular habit with me. I peruse endlessly through anything that says ‘golf’ on the front, whether it’s a web site, a book, or a video. Today, I ran across a name with which I am not familiar, Tiffany Faucette, leading certified LPGA instructor. The …

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Doris Chen Disqualified – Oh Mother!

Mother Moves Ball for Daughter Chen, Who Hits it Anyway Just when we feared golf might attain normalcy again, here comes the next twist of fate. We call it “The Curse of the Manic Stage Mother.” Of course, the institution of being a stage parent doesn’t have to occur on or around the golf course. …

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JoAnne Carner Appears at U.S. Women’s Senior

JoAnne Carner

Carner Reappears, but Not to be Ceremonial As I sat feeling sorry for the players of the women’s senior tour, having heard that Laura Davies was about to invade their space, another big hitting personality recently caught my attention. When “Big Mama” JoAnne Carner was in her heyday, I was aware of her presence, but …

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Kang, Ko, Hull and Newbies

Kang, Ko, Hull

Everyone in LPGA Going Through Something – Kang Overcame Hers There is a case to be made for a caveat to the question, “Who is the greatest golfer on tour?” If we live in the present moment, it would be difficult to bestow that title on someone who is not currently winning, unless they triumph …

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Talent and Story, Up and Down


Careers on Tour Ebb and Flow, But Talent Remains One of the true beauties of following the golf tours is that everyone is talented, and everyone is in a different place.  It resembles the stock market. On any given day, a bunch of them are up, and a bunch of them are down, and tomorrow …

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