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Doug Sanders Dies at 86

Doug Sanders

Colorful Doug Sanders Almost Won Everything Doug Sanders was one of the strong supporting figures on the PGA tour when I was a pre-teen and starting to get really interested in watching tournament golf. I use the term ‘supporting figure’ because despite winning with some regularity, twenty times to be precise, he didn’t win the …

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Finally, a Little Info on Shibuno

Hinako Shibuno

Unusual to Know So Little About a Major Winner like Hinako Shibuno A tip of the hat and a note of thanks to Bill Speros of Golfweek for finally getting us some information on British Open Winner Hinako Shibuno. After reading his article, written in the “10 things you didn’t know about…” format, I added …

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Evian, Creamer and Kupcho – Trajectories

Paula Creame

Evian Sees Strong Start by Creamer, Strong Finish by Kupcho Another Evian has come and gone. Despite begin accustomed to seeing a host of Korean golfers in contention, circumstances following the third round seemed profound. I joked with the idea of putting people as teams  on podiums, as we do in the Olympics. Five or …

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Brooks Koepka Has ‘Major’ Stats With PGA Win

Brooks Koepka

 Koepka Sets Blistering Pace for Majors Take a look at the long-term record for Brooks Koepka. What you will find is a very nice golf career with a few significant victories on the world stage. He has compiled a body of work including six wins on the PGA Tour, five on the European, two on the …

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Rory is “Extraordinary”

Rory McIlroy Playing More in West, Giving Up European Card Rory McIlroy is getting really tired of being told how to run his life, at least his career. The masses always have the standard formula in mind, prepared to assist you at any time in what your most practical path may be. This week, even …

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The Next Tiger? Nope

Candidates Vying to Become Tiger Wood’s Heir are Faltering Maybe it’s because this generation and mine grew increasingly fond of immediate gratification. Mine lived through the era of the big three in golf, and were loathe to give it up. Such was its power that we searched high and low for the heir apparent. Then …

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Here Comes Thailand

What are they putting in the water these days in Thailand? Where golf is concerned, it’s a fair question. Ariya Jutanugarn has won her second consecutive LPGA tournament this week in the Kingsmill. Two weeks ago, she won the Yokohama Tire Classic. She’s come close to winning several others in recent times, and only lost …

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Majors Ruining Tour?

Non-Major Weeks Losing Clout in Evaluating the Greats In my childhood as a golf fanatic, I waited for the majors with great anticipation, but I didn’t starve for golf in between, because every single event on the calendar had importance. Part of the reason was that each event and each course had its own distinct …

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LPGA Women’s US Open – Veterans Taking Charge

LPGA Women’s US Open

Nature’s Order is Restored After Round 1 Following the early part of the Women’s US Open’s first round this morning, I was shocked at all the new names attacking the top of the board. The only name that didn’t shock me, of course, was Stacy Lewis, who seems to have brought her game to just …

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Athlete Golfers Having More Injury Troubles?

Tiger Woods

Athlete Golfers Prone to Injuries Back in my remote youth, I seem to remember a remark by Sam Snead, something to the effect that there are ball strokers and ball strikers, suggesting that the former are, in the long run, more successful and enduring. Perhaps that theory, if that is what he was suggesting, is …

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