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Putting – Microcosm of Everything Else

Most of What Happens on Tee and Fairway Can Happen Putting After watching an afternoon of the 3M Tournament, which included a few putting woes, I am reminded that in several ways putting is not a separate game from the rest of it. When greens are difficult, or when a collective sense of “puttaphobia” overtakes …

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Beat Big Hitter? Stay Within Yourself

How Can We Compete With a ‘Big Hitter’ Who Hits It Sooooo Far? I once undertook a project known to be very difficult at work. When it was over, my friend said “Congratulations. You did it much less badly than anyone else.” I was grateful for the comment. That’s the game of golf. It’s bigger …

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Teaching My Eight-Year Old Self the Game

What I Did Wrong Teaching Myself Like most golfers, I took lessons as a kid, and then off and on through the years. Also like most people, a lot of learning has come from teaching myself based on what I got in those lessons. Unfortunately, my eight-year old buccaneer brain didn’t take to mechanics. I …

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