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To Write a Golf Article

A Golf Article Can Recreate the Game and Memories In the beginning, I was certain that since my knowledge of golf is finite, there were not a lot of articles in me. Let’s see, I can talk about each piece of equipment for a while, some of the world’s best golf courses, and maybe a …

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Neskowin Return – Our Best Memories Never Diminish


Memories of Our First Courses Still the Best I have just returned from a walk down memory lane, or at least a few of its fairways. In a week off, I revisited some of the golf courses that attempted to teach me the game. Such a homecoming is in many cases deflating. Remember visiting your …

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Real Golf Memories

Golf Memories

Our Best Golf Memories Might be Different Than What We Expected When we look back on a lifetime of activity, some little part of our brain always wants to calculate whether it was worth it. I’m not talking about the part that calculates cost, but spiritual, emotional benefit. Did playing this game over all those …

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Ko Evokes Childhood Memories


Lydia Ko Films Great Commercial for New Event The sponsors who are putting together a new golf tournament in New Zealand knew just what they were doing. This September, the McKayson New Zealand Women’s Open will be added to the calendar, and considering the scheduling and course problems the PGA is experiencing with Arnold Palmer’s …

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Masters Eras Roll By

I read in the news this week that golfer Esteban Toledo, who has won on the tour, is going to this year’s Masters. He’s not going as a player, but as a caddie for another pro. My first thought was, “Where did it all go? It all ran by so fast that I barely saw …

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