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LPGA Through PGA Eyes

Dishing of LPGA by Male Fans Reveals Problem of Living Vicariously I have spent more than enough time with my male colleagues as they put down the idea of women playing real golf, and taking shots at the LPGA, the big leagues of the women’s game. “They have no distance. It’s too tame. It’s a …

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Gender Wars in Golf

Comparing the Games There are always one or two among us that love statistics. In any conversation, it seems, these people use such analysis to prove a point beyond any shades of grey, and create a black or white answer. One or two statisticians have emerged this week with articles on the public perception of …

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The Disappearing Family

I read an interesting article from a columnist in the UK yesterday, who detailed the state of sexism in the game as it entered the 21st century. The writer specified certain clubs where the collective spirit of golf was healthy, and a few where the ossified “old white guy” dynamic was choking the life out …

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