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Fascinating Golf

Tiger woods

What/Who is Needed to Keep Golf Fascinating? The articles are coming out by the dozen – what are we going to do in the post-Tiger world? How will we replace the one who has carried the game for decades, the one who filled the void after the Big Three years? Just like the film world …

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Masters Odds – Why Bother?

Phil Mickelson

Who Will This Year’s Masters? Do they really think that they can do this? The big event, the one that Tiger’s lost so much sleep over in the past few weeks, is less than thirty days away, and the guys in Vegas actually think they have an inside track on who’s going to walk away …

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Accenture Match Play

Dove Mountain in Arizona

Accenture Match Play – Where is Everybody? One of our few opportunities for big time match play is coming up in the WGC Accenture March Play this week. Match play is a great change-up from the normal 72 hole slug-fest we see week to week, and it highlights a chance to see individual greats and …

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Cheating on Tour

Cheating on Tour – Careful with that Word Tiger Wood’s agent, Mark Steinberg, is right about anyone being accused of cheating – it’s a huge deal (unless we’re talking about Mississippi Riverboat gamblers or pirates). Any iffy moment on the golf course that straddles the border between knowing and not knowing the rules, maybe grounding …

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No Kids at the PGA-Furyk and Dufner

Furyk and Dufner Experience Leading The youth movement, in my opinion, has gone too far. We’ve reached the point where we begin to worry about a player who’s heading into the late 20s and hasn’t won everything in sight. “Poor thing,” we think – “he/she’s an also-ran.” That’s the very dilemma we have this week. …

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British Open – Country For Old Men

British Open – Country For Old Men…For Now It’s been a long time that we’ve been waiting for this particular tournament to start. It has a special flavor all its own, something that assists in making it a major, in addition to its historical longevity. We revere the venues  in operation for so many centuries …

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