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Masters Winners Have Good Nerves – No Exceptions

Masters Winners

 Patrick Reed Shows Great Nerves, Holds Off Best at Masters I had to stop and think about how long I’ve been watching this tournament. It comes well over half a century, and I don’t believe that I’ve ever missed a year. Still, as an adult, I don’t watch the Masters in the same way I …

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Choking Not What We Thought I have, in the past, referred to a specific chapter in my misspent youth on the golf course, the year in which I finished the front nine 8 up, and lost the match 1 down on the 18th. This is the perfect time to resurrect it, as it has served …

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Golf and Music

Golf and Music – the Four Phases I remember a story of an English guest conductor who cued the horn solo four times in rehearsal, and the poor old French veteran in the solo seat botched it every time. The conductor said repeatedly, “Non, Monsieur, attack zee note, attack zee note.” Finally, the poor player …

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