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Golf as Therapy – Better Hourly Rate

Golfers of Every Age Able to Process Better with Golf Course Therapy I chanced upon an item this morning concerning Greg Norman and a special man he met named Steve Milnikoff. The meeting was profound enough that Mr. Milnikoff got a golf lesson and some good light-hearted conversation out of the Australian star. It seems …

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The Masters at Augusta – Beautiful and Deadly

The Masters at Augusta

Winning the at Augusta Takes Greatness, All Crammed into One Week So much thought has gone into the Masters since I saw my first one somewhere in the 1950s. Yes, the course at Augusta is exquisitely beautiful, making it a star attraction, but there’s more to it than that.  Among the winners, usually men of …

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What’s the Dope on Drug Testing?

  Drug Testing for Dopes on the PGA   I’ve never tried to play golf under the influence of anything, except once, a trip to the driving range after a beer. A single beer, as the average American man is taught – is nothing. But it is. You’re not driving as well as you think …

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Nicklaus Ups the Lou Gehrig Challenge

Lou Gehrig Challenge

Making Everyone Around Take the Ice Bucket Most of us of a certain age have seen the movie about Lou Gehrig, first baseman for the New York Yankees during the roaring 20s and the depressed 30s. Gary Cooper played him, as no one else at the time possibly could have. The disease that killed Lou …

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Presidents Cup – In the Ryder’s Shadow

Revving Up Interest for the President’s Cup Even for those of us who follow the game religiously, the larger part of golf’s fan base isn’t able to really say what some of the “other” cups really mean – Curtis? Solheim? Walker? Presidents? Presidents of what? One reason, in all likelihood, is that the Ryder and …

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