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Not Sure Pettersen Wrong

Pettersen Following the Rules Questioned for Sportsmanship What is Sportsmanship? Things certainly got dramatic at the Solheim Cup last week, with tears and growls coming from both sides of the Atlantic Ocean. The excitement of the golf should have been enough. The Europeans, threatening to run away with another Solheim, were upended by a furious …

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Open Finale Set for Drama

Weather at Open

Who Will Provide the Drama at the Open Mother Nature Might Cause Trouble It may all look like an orderly Women’s British Open this year, especially compared to the chaos that befell the men earlier in the month, but watch out. There’s something afoot, Mother Nature to start with, and some scary good golfers that …

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LPGA Unpredictable – Good!

LPGA – Who Can Guess From Week to Week? I’m not saying that any round of golf, or any established tour is predictable. It’s far too capricious a sport to predict, and it’s the last thing in the world on which I’d ever gamble. It would be too easy money for the house. That being …

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Can Anyone Stop Ko?

Lydia Ko

Lydia Ko Wins Again in New Zealand I have never been to New Zealand, but it’s on my list of “must sees.” My closest cultural connection to the beautiful green island is that Zena lives there, or if you must, actress Lucy Lawless. The warrior princess, however, has been eclipsed by her younger countrywoman, Lydia …

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Second Day of Texas Shootout

Moria Dunn

Second Day of Texas Shootout – Newcomers In Chase I thought that the leaderboard was one of the more interesting first round configurations this year in terms of new faces, but the second day caught my attention even more. It’s evidence that even the super-kids of a few years ago aren’t guaranteed their time in …

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Pettersen (and her back) Are Back in Texas

Suzann Pettersen

Pettersen Leads in First Round of North Texas Shootout I love it when people beat a diagnosis, or least give it a good run for its money. Suzann Pettersen is a golfer with a capitol “G,” and it’s sad to see to someone that excellent and competitive have to sit it out for a long …

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Athlete Golfers Having More Injury Troubles?

Tiger Woods

Athlete Golfers Prone to Injuries Back in my remote youth, I seem to remember a remark by Sam Snead, something to the effect that there are ball strokers and ball strikers, suggesting that the former are, in the long run, more successful and enduring. Perhaps that theory, if that is what he was suggesting, is …

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Fascinating Golf

Tiger woods

What/Who is Needed to Keep Golf Fascinating? The articles are coming out by the dozen – what are we going to do in the post-Tiger world? How will we replace the one who has carried the game for decades, the one who filled the void after the Big Three years? Just like the film world …

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Interesting Leader Board at LPGA Honda

Julieta Granda

  For the LPGA Honda Will It Be Anna or Julieta?     From week to week, the upper tier of recent leader boards reflects both recognizable players on tour who perform at a consistent level of excellence, and comparatively new faces that are leading the way in developing the game in their selective countries. …

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Karrie Webb the Australian

Resilient Karrie Webb

Resilient Karrie Webb Wins the Australian Why didn’t I see it coming? With all my efforts to pull off the crystal ball prediction for the Australian Open, I left out a major component, and an Australian to boot. First, I was preoccupied with Suzann Pettersen’s very presence. She’s such a competitor that I just take …

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