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Great Players, New Attitude in Bahamas

I love this part of the year. The women actually start playing again this week, but after year after year of watching the start of the golf season, I am not doing the “same game, same faces” thing. That’s one of the beauties of golf. It’s never the same, and ven if the faces are …

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LPGA’s Pressel Setting Example


Morgan Pressel Throws Another Blow at Breast Cancer Morgan Pressel has been playing on the LPGA Tour for a while now. Many of us remember her as the youngest tournament champion in the tour’s history. I once called her a bully in the best sense of the word, meaning that she had the energy to …

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Canada & U.S. – Olympic Hopefuls

We have all watched the youth movement descend on the game of golf like a tsunami. There’s no way to avoid being impressed with a fourteen or fifteen-year old winning a sanctioned tour event, or rolling in the putt that changes history for the Solheim or Olympic Games. Stars in their late teens and early …

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Gerina’s Very Good Year

Leads Texas Shoot-out into Finale I have seen Gerina Piller play live on two occasions now, and on both days, got a special feeling about her abilities that I’m not really knowledgeable enough to merit having. However, in my mind’s eye, I also had her all wrong, in particularly in a long stretch at the …

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The Ochoa-Pick a Winner, I Dare you

Lexi Thompson

Leaderboard at The Lorena Ochoa Packed I have never been to Guadalajara, but it’s still on the “places to go” list. The closest I’ve come is meeting Lorena Ochoa once. My impression is that unless you want to party and do something noisy and festive, Guadalajara is a serene place – but maybe not so …

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What I Saw at the Safeway Classic

Suzanne Pettersen

The Safeway Classic 2013 I got to see the vast majority of great female golfers yesterday at Columbia Edgewater in Portland, Oregon, and although I’m not wise in the technical details of great golf, I did come away with some deep impressions, some humorous, some thought-provoking and almost all of an abstract nature – and, …

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The Solheim Cup 2013

Solheim Cup

How to Follow a Major – the Solheim Cup We’ve had the men and women’s British Open this month, and ended up with the PGA Championship. Every major acted like a major, and we were shown great stories at each venue. With so many central events owned by all the tours, a new problem has …

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