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Willie McRae Everyone’s Caddie, Dies at 85

Willie McRae

McRae Pinehurst Genius Who Caddied for Stars and Common Man Willie Lee McRae of Taylortown, North Carolina, never became a political superstar, a famous athlete, or renowned touring golfer, but those who did depended on him for his knowledge and guidance. From the age of 10 in 1943, he caddied at the famous Pinehurst Course, and …

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Women’s US Open – What’s Up With Stephanie Meadow?

Stephanie Meadow

Third Place at US Women’s Open Quite a Story It’s not as if Michelle Wie’s victory wasn’t spectacular enough. Her victory train has arrived, and she has embarked upon the second and more sensational phase of her career. When she finally got off the 18th green, there was some sense of “Whew! I guess I …

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Wie Impressive at Midpoint of Women’s US Open

Michelle Wie

Can Wie Finally Win Big? It’s awfully tempting to get ahead of ourselves when we see one player take charge the way Michelle Wie did in the US Women’s Open on Friday. We saw it last week, on the same course with Martin Kaymer, and perhaps we’ll see a repeat. Getting ahead of ourselves, however, …

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LPGA Women’s US Open – Veterans Taking Charge

LPGA Women’s US Open

Nature’s Order is Restored After Round 1 Following the early part of the Women’s US Open’s first round this morning, I was shocked at all the new names attacking the top of the board. The only name that didn’t shock me, of course, was Stacy Lewis, who seems to have brought her game to just …

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U.S. Open Golf on Radio, and Real Announcers

Radio Not Best Media for Golf I can remember my youth, when I tilted at every windmill I could find, and defended the faith of golf to any who treated it with less deference than they should have. Part of that was a constant defense of golf on television. The uninitiated would always say something …

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What Course is Martin Kaymer Playing?

Martin Kaymer

Third Round of US Open Underway I’ve had the feeling through the first two days of the long-awaited men’s US Open that Martin Kaymer has been playing some merciful muni course in my hometown while everyone else has to play Pinehurst, fake rough and all. I am assured, however, that such is not the case, …

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Fran Quinn Makes His US Open Count

Fran Quinn

Quinn Tied for Second There are just some things you don’t expect to do at forty-nine years of age, and I would have to think that winning the US Open is one of them. Perhaps, however, shooting a 68 in the first round of the Open should be another, but that wouldn’t hold up. It …

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Everyone’s Coming to Pinehurst in June

Pinehurst #2

PGA and LPGA at Pinehurst in June Everybody’s got a major coming up on their tour. The PGA is holding the US Open from June 12 to 15, and the women are going to take it on a few days later, June 19 – 22. That’s a lot of Pinehurst, and a lot of North …

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The Short Game – Golf at a Theater Near You

Little Swingers Short Game There was a major cinematic release yesterday in a handful of theaters across the country. Few of us really got to see it. No, it wasn’t Iron Man VII or Rocky XXIV. It was called “The Short Game.” Every golfer understands the term – the short game, chipping, putting, short irons …

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