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Practice Makes…Everything


You Have to Practice. Don’t Let Them Tell You Any Different Yes, the oldest joke in the book applies. “How do you get to Carnegie Hall? Practice, Practice, Practice.” It will always be that way, without exceptions. And yet, there is a type of marketing personality that will always try to convince you otherwise. He …

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Grow into New Equipment

new clubs

New Equipment the Answer? How many times has it happened? We go out and purchase the hot new thing, sparkling irons that look like they were put together on the starship Enterprise, woods that seem almost to operate by radar, and putters that look like ancient Mesopotamian scepters. “Ah, now my game is going to …

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Lincicome, Her Way

Lincicome and Practice Obsessive Practice Not Necessarily Best Those of us who follow the details of great golfers, on and off the course, are aware of the hours of repetition put in by the legends – i.e. Gary Player staying in the bunker until he puts X number of balls within X number of inches …

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