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Golf and the Camera

Camera Clicking At Golf Events The upcoming Presidents Cup offers us yet one more chance to see some match play before the year ends entirely. Match play has a feel all of its own. It’s up front and personal, involves small teams compared to large fields, and offers a special brand of bragging rights to …

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Presidents Cup – In the Ryder’s Shadow

Revving Up Interest for the President’s Cup Even for those of us who follow the game religiously, the larger part of golf’s fan base isn’t able to really say what some of the “other” cups really mean – Curtis? Solheim? Walker? Presidents? Presidents of what? One reason, in all likelihood, is that the Ryder and …

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Presidents Cup 2013

Hideki Mutsuyama

Presidents Cup 2013 – Who Are These Guys? I can’t believe that we are, as a group of team match-play spectators, asking that question again. When will we ever learn? Wasn’t it just two weeks ago that we were searching Wikipedia and youtube for information on some of Europe’s Solheim no-names, only to find that …

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