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U.S. Open – I Could Qualify?

U.S. Open

To Qualify for the U.S. Open Remember That Open Isn’t as Easy as it Seems I’ve always known that there is a qualifying process for a major tournament such as the U.S. Open. It’s different from an invitation – yes, I know that, too. I understand that the Masters doesn’t work that way. No one …

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Ian Poulter and the Card

ian poulter

Can Ian Poulter Keep His PGA Card When High Profile Players Lose Their PGA Card The things those of us behind the ropes don’t know about what it took to get on that tee for any PGA-sanctioned tournament. Similarly, most of us know next to nothing about what it takes to stay there once that …

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No More Els at Masters?


Barring An Upsurge, Els Could Fail to Qualify Again Throughout this calendar year, and come to think of it, the last calendar year, we’ve all been peering into the crystal ball of professional golf to see if Tiger Woods would either win another major, make it through another major, or even show up for another …

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Lee Janzen Returns

  Lee Janzen Qualifies for This Year’s U.S. Open I love this kind of thing – the guy who starts playing golf at 30, and wins a pro tournament, or a guy who quits for five years, and does the same on his first week back. I love it when things work out for people …

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