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Recovery and Change in the Human Golfer

Recovery is Mandatory

Change is a Constant – Recovery is Mandatory We have been visited this week by a family member who loves everything about golf. It’s a person we all want to see more of, so I’m taking the opportunity to do just that. The two of us  are making our first trip to the range after …

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Recovery Golf-Biggest Part of Game

The More Average We Are, the More We Need a Recovery Game For the bulk of my life, I have watched the single greatest lesson in golf go by again and again – and it still goes right over my head every time. For hundreds of tournaments watched over the decades, I have jumped to …

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Tiger Recouping?

Tiger Freaking Out or Just Recouping? I’ve been following the Hero Challenge, and in particular, Tiger Wood’s progress, with a different sort of interest this week, and winning or losing has absolutely nothing to do with it. Everyone should know by now that it’s a recovery process, and he’s using this tournament as a starting …

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