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Golf’s Big Three?


A New Big Three? Oh, Come On Today, I read the greatest piece of wishful thinking I could imagine when it comes to the game of golf. Someone was actually spending his or her valuable time trying to gather together a team of three PGA players who call to mind the Palmer-Nicklaus-Player charisma of the …

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Golf in 2013-That was the Year That Was


Ten Weird 2013 Golf Events I saw a list of ten weird events that occurred during the last season of professional golf. I don’t know if they’d necessarily make my top ten. Being from the Pacific Northwest, I think the idea of a woman being bitten by a water moccasin during a golf tournament in …

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Cheating on Tour

Cheating on Tour – Careful with that Word Tiger Wood’s agent, Mark Steinberg, is right about anyone being accused of cheating – it’s a huge deal (unless we’re talking about Mississippi Riverboat gamblers or pirates). Any iffy moment on the golf course that straddles the border between knowing and not knowing the rules, maybe grounding …

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