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Solheim A Blast in 2017

Solheim Cup

More Than Just A Solheim Win for the U.S. I’m so sorry that the Solheim Cup has been offered on alternative years since its inception. It’s just too much fun in one week to spend two years of waiting. Karsten Solheim, businessman and golf club designer, really knew what he was doing, not only in …

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Gerina’s Very Good Year

Leads Texas Shoot-out into Finale I have seen Gerina Piller play live on two occasions now, and on both days, got a special feeling about her abilities that I’m not really knowledgeable enough to merit having. However, in my mind’s eye, I also had her all wrong, in particularly in a long stretch at the …

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Not Sure Pettersen Wrong

Pettersen Following the Rules Questioned for Sportsmanship What is Sportsmanship? Things certainly got dramatic at the Solheim Cup last week, with tears and growls coming from both sides of the Atlantic Ocean. The excitement of the golf should have been enough. The Europeans, threatening to run away with another Solheim, were upended by a furious …

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No Ko at Solheim!

Ko Can’t Play Solheim – She’s Really Canadian We all might as well start telling it like it is, and Lydia Ko might as well fess up and stop with the deception. The New Zealander thing is pure camouflage – she’s Canadian, and everyone knows it. I wouldn’t be surprised if her real name isn’t …

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LPGA, PGA – All’s Well

LPGA – Brooke Henderson PGA – Tiger Brooke Has Card, Tiger Has Game Things seem to be all in order this week on the major men’s and women’s golf tours. The ladies are playing at the Vancouver Golf Club for the Canadian Pacific – nice, picturesque, just as it should be. The men are playing …

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Downton Abbey and the PGA

PGA Similarities in Place to Downton Abbey In a contradiction of old and worn out stereotypes, the women of the LPGA are beginning their season, as they did the last one, focused on competitive golf, without a lot of side entertainment. They’re not boohooing over literal or figurative hangnails, mental breakdowns, team captain crises, or …

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The LPGA – It’s Working!

The LPGA Triumphant Resurgence! A major golf publication recently offered six reasons why the LPGA is experiencing a burgeoning popularity over the past few years. Perhaps that in itself is a surprise, and some golf fans aren’t aware that the women’s tour is flourishing in a way it never has. The founders of the LPGA …

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Laura Davies

What Do We Know About Laura Davies? Long Career, Long Drives English golfer Laura Davies is making the turn into her early fifties these days, but don’t look for some decrepit has-been looking for the nearest senior event. Davies is a three-decade feature of European, and particularly British golf, and is described by some as …

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Irish Wunderkinds Headed for Duke University

Lisa and Leona Maguire

Irish Super-Kids, Twins Lisa and Leona Maguire Now that I’ve surpassed the eight thousand mile mark driving around the United States this month, I’m finally seeing something that looks the same as it did the day before. After alternating between the sunny Bahamas and the northern ice storms, Paradise Island’s palm tree courses and signs …

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Karen Stupples – Golf and Weight Loss

Karen Stupples

Karen Stupples – Resolve and Success for Weight Loss The debate continues – is golf a game or a sport? Are golfers athletes or players? –  blah blah blah. My opinion is that every sort of physical condition exists on the professional tours, and some are, indeed, athletes.  Tiger Woods is an athlete – Suzann …

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