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Golf Needs Models

Golf Models

Young Golfers Need Models, and Several are Even Better I have read yet one more article on what’s wrong with golf, and I am sticking to my guns by saying “not very much.” Still, sports do rise and fall in popularity, as do most walks of life, with the people who dominate the industry news. …

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Golf – Live Coverage and Fiction

Golf Hard To Portray On Screen Real or Not, Difficult to Get It Right I recall freaking out at a movie on Charlie Chaplin in which he plays the violin. No one on the project seemed to notice that he was playing it backward – left-handed, fine, but some important adjustments were totally wrong, like …

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U.S. Open Golf on Radio, and Real Announcers

Radio Not Best Media for Golf I can remember my youth, when I tilted at every windmill I could find, and defended the faith of golf to any who treated it with less deference than they should have. Part of that was a constant defense of golf on television. The uninitiated would always say something …

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