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Open’s First Round – Spieth Close

American Major Winner Spieth Makes Excellent Start There are many stories at this year’s British Open. First of all, what set this one apart from others of past years, is that it was an absolutely beautiful day in Scotland at St. Andrews. That fact alone might have been enough to shake up some scores, just …

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Learn from the Masters

The Masters Playing at the Masters Thoughts about the Generations Playing Together  It was James Agee who wrote the text to “Let Us Now Praise Famous Men,” and although he was researching a poor cross-section of the American population, and how they toiled in a difficult existence, the phrase works for many situations, even professional …

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Thompson, Watson in Open Match

  Special Match for Open Winners     Peter Thompson didn’t play on the PGA tour very often, or for very long, although he did win some events here in the West. Maybe it was for that reason that I didn’t get a really good take on who he really was, but I’m catching on …

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Post-Ryder Cup Crankiness

Phil Mickelson

Mickelson Takes a Swipe at Tom Watson I am an avid golfer who doesn’t get all that bent out of shape by the Ryder Cup results. I appreciate that part of the game where a ball is addressed, a club is swung and an individual does his or her best in that split second of …

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Senior British Open – Old Guys Rule!

Senior British Open Remarkable Golf Just as we thought we’d gotten enough British Opens to last us for another season, it seems that we may have forgotten one. The Senior British Open is heading into its third day in Wales, at the Royal Porthcrawl (how I’d love to know how these and other names of …

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