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Golf Generations Come and Gone

Golf Generations

Our Incomplete Golf Memories with Passing of Generations is Sad As devotees of the game of golf, we try to hold on to former greatness. At times, we sort of remember, and sort of don’t. Of course, the game continues as new greats appear on the men’s and women’s tours. People we thought would endure …

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Talent and Story, Up and Down


Careers on Tour Ebb and Flow, But Talent Remains One of the true beauties of following the golf tours is that everyone is talented, and everyone is in a different place.  It resembles the stock market. On any given day, a bunch of them are up, and a bunch of them are down, and tomorrow …

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Yani Tseng is Still Here

Tseng Still Appearing on Leader Boards, Despite Not Winning It’s time to drag out the old psychologist’s couch again. It’s not for Tiger, Rory, or any number of male golfing mysteries this time. It’s for Yani Tseng, who until a few years ago was the Queen of everything available for such a title in women’s …

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Who’s Who at Sime Darby LPGA

Sime Darby LPGA Attracts All the Big LPGA Stars Back to the Beginning of the LPGA Season It’s a never-ending cycle. Just as soon as you let your guard down at the end of the LPGA year, it starts up again. What fools us is that it starts up in Asia, in places that we …

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Tseng Leads – Exhale!

Tseng Makes First Move in a Long Time Tuning into the Yokohama Tire Classic to see how the LPGA is doing won’t do you a bit of good today. It rained, and almost forty players didn’t get to finish. There was also lightning in the area, but not all of it belonged to Mother Nature. …

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Number One in Arkansas

Much at Stake at the Arkansas Walmart If, by chance, you are not a fan of Inbee Park, you might be in for a long, long year. She was already doing well, then I read this morning that she has “found” her swing. If I played like that, I’d want to keep it lost, but …

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LPGA Unpredictable – Good!

LPGA – Who Can Guess From Week to Week? I’m not saying that any round of golf, or any established tour is predictable. It’s far too capricious a sport to predict, and it’s the last thing in the world on which I’d ever gamble. It would be too easy money for the house. That being …

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Lizette Arrives at Kingsmill

Lizette Salas

Lizette Salas Wins the Kingsmill Championship in Williamsburg First you learn to play the game, and along the way, learn to control your emotions and nerves. Then, you learn to cope with better and better competition, and then you learn how to show up consistently among the better players. Then you learn to get into …

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Is It Time for Yani Again?

Yani Tseng

Yani Tseng Swinging Well Again I’m not so sure about the theory that a butterfly flapping his wings in one part of the world will result in a typhoon on the other, but if I was, I could hypothesize that I had something to do with Michelle Wie’s resurgence a week or so ago, just …

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Pettersen Defends in Taiwan

Suzann Pettersen

  Suzann Pettersen Wins Again     Did you hear the latest? Suzann Pettersen has won another tournament this week (yawn). She won it by five strokes, going away (uh-huh). That’s her fourth win this year on the LPGA, isn’t it – or is it her fifth? (So, what did you expect?) Oh, c’mon, I …

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