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Recovery Golf-Biggest Part of Game

The More Average We Are, the More We Need a Recovery Game For the bulk of my life, I have watched the single greatest lesson in golf go by again and again – and it still goes right over my head every time. For hundreds of tournaments watched over the decades, I have jumped to …

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Watson’s Popularity Problem

Bubba Watson Ready to Defend Masters Title Anyway I really wish they’d stop doing this. It’s elementary school at its finest, and a feeble attempt to stir the pot of PGA drama.  Where teachers of youngsters all over the place work hard to protect the less well-liked on Valentine’s Day and birthdays, the PGA relishes …

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Ryder Cup ‘Task Force’

Tom Watson Ryder Cup

  Ryder Cup ‘Task Force’ – A Bit Overdone?       It was announced today that a task force would be assembled to analyze and eliminate whatever reasons can be found for the poor showing of the U.S. in recent Ryder Cup competitions, the premier golf competition between the two continents. That’s fine – …

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More Ryder Fall-out

  More Ryder Fall-out, and Stacy in Perfect Position     I usually, and sometimes mistakenly, think of men’s and women’s golf as two distinctly separate identities. However, as each new tid-bit comes out over the shipwreck that is the 2014 American Ryder Cup team and its lamentable showing in Scotland, I’m beginning to see …

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Nicklaus Ups the Lou Gehrig Challenge

Lou Gehrig Challenge

Making Everyone Around Take the Ice Bucket Most of us of a certain age have seen the movie about Lou Gehrig, first baseman for the New York Yankees during the roaring 20s and the depressed 30s. Gary Cooper played him, as no one else at the time possibly could have. The disease that killed Lou …

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The Quirky 2014 British Open

The Open 2014 It’s time again for a tournament which, in more than one sense, is my favorite of the entire men’s profesional golf year, the British Open. Since it’s the granddaddy of them all, and embodies all the old traditions and courses from pre-American history, it is proudly called “The Open” by anyone with …

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A Lot of Good Putting Going On

Jessica Korda

KORDA, MCILROY…and NICKLAUS? Good Putters All! It was a real horse race rounding the turn to the back nine this last weekend at the Airbus LPGA Championship, and for a while, it looked like a playoff between as many as six of the words greatest players. But, it’s better to be great at the end …

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An Interesting Tigerless Masters After All

Fred Couples

Tigerless Masters Full of Excitement For me, that first three rounds of the 2014 Masters went by so fast, I could barely keep up. I don’t feel as though I ever got to drink deep from the experience, and part of it is that my brain usually devotes about ten or so percent to keeping …

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Presidents Cup 2013

Hideki Mutsuyama

Presidents Cup 2013 – Who Are These Guys? I can’t believe that we are, as a group of team match-play spectators, asking that question again. When will we ever learn? Wasn’t it just two weeks ago that we were searching Wikipedia and youtube for information on some of Europe’s Solheim no-names, only to find that …

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