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Olympic Golf Hazards

Olympic Golf Hazards Are They On the Course? Unusual Environment for Golfing Olympians The much-maligned Olympic Games are finally here, courtesy of Brazil. No one knows the future of Olympic golf for certain, but it has apparently made the cut this year, and will go on as scheduled. Among the men, the ranks have thinned, …

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An Extreme Golf Adventure

Golf Adventure -The Quirkiest, Most Rigorous Places to Play If you would have told me about all of this stuff forty years ago, I would have hands down loved it. At that time, I was all about finding the most offbeat and challenging adventures the globe could offer, and the realm of golf was no …

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Golf and the IRS

IRS Investigates Golf Course Exemptions I’m not up on how the tax industry works up north, or the nature of the relationship between the Canadian tax structure and the average citizen. However, down here in the states, the great annual tax battle begins again, and carries through the next three or four months. The IRS, …

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