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Kang, Ko, Hull and Newbies

Kang, Ko, Hull

Everyone in LPGA Going Through Something – Kang Overcame Hers There is a case to be made for a caveat to the question, “Who is the greatest golfer on tour?” If we live in the present moment, it would be difficult to bestow that title on someone who is not currently winning, unless they triumph …

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Yips – Bare Feet and Five-Irons

Yips Discussion Emerges Again with Interesting Solutions I don’t believe that I’ve ever experienced the yips.  On the other hand, I am often simply a poor putter. It is a reflex for me, and for many of us, to connect the yips with that part of the game, and I have a relatively ignorant explanation …

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Another Tiger Delay

Tiger Skips Safeway, Will Play Hero Challenge in December Another quick chapter in the Tiger Woods recovery saga has come and gone. Despitie having his game desert him at some point in the past few years, he can still get a rise out of us when he says he will come back. Few, if any …

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Na Yipping and Winning

Has Kevin Na Overcome Full Swing Yips? For leading after two rounds, and solidly in contention after three, Kevin Na is certainly a surprise visitor to the top of the leaderboard. Golf being an impact game where the inner body is concerned, he’s been nothing short of a train wreck since turning pro at the …

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Tiger and the Yips

Tiger Yips

  Experts Split on When and If Tiger Will Come Back     For a golfer, being told that one has a case of the “yips” may be a little like the rest of us receiving a cancer diagnosis, professionally, at least. A million questions ensue – is it a serious case? Is it “putting” …

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